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Effective, Affordable STEM Program for Elementary Students

SMARTS in Lanham, Maryland has been around since 2011. Serving community sectors in Prince George’s County and Washington, DC, we started offering STEM program options for elementary students.

To this day, our staff continues to be genuinely invested in the success of these programs. Our desire for the academic accomplishment of each student in the various communities we serve also remains just as strong.

Our Mission

We offer high-quality programs featuring academic/educational enrichment and recreational activities to kids in Pre-K through 8th grade.

These are held after school hours and designed to reinforce and complement their regular academic program. Our programs focus on academic enrichment and social development after school and during summer.

We incorporate performing art activities into an academic program where math and science are fused with hands-on activities, classroom instructions, and performance-related tasks.

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Partnered With Learn 24

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Site Locations

  • SMARTS Headquarters, Lanham, Maryland
  • Browne Education Campus, Washington, DC
  • Langdon Elementary, Washington, DC
  • Houston Elementary, Washington, DC
  • Rocketship Education Academy (SE Campus), Washington, DC 

Program Offerings

Before and After-Care Program

We’re on a mission to provide at-risk youth with a safe, stimulating, and nurturing place to grow academically, emotionally, and creatively. This is meant to keep our youth off the streets while instilling integrity and diversity.

This way, we develop the youth in performing arts, as well as education. We supervise homework completion, offer afternoon snacks, engage youths in arts and crafts, and allow an hour of creative dance movement.

Our Staff

Our dedicated, caring, and experienced staff provides the experiential foundation students can draw from. Every staff member engages in year-round professional development programs.

Each member goes through a nationwide criminal background check. Because safety consciousness remains paramount, our staff comprises educators who are CPR-Certified and First-Aid-certified.

Sign Out Policy

Safety is the top priority; no child enrolled in the program will be released without a parent/guardian’s signature or any individual 18 years or older acting as the caretaker, listed on the registration form. Each student must have his or her own registration form on file.

If an unauthorized individual attempts to pick up a child, the child’s parents will be contacted. Only authorized individuals are allowed to sign the child’s registration and/or emergency contact sheets.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are due the Friday before the commencement of class on Monday. Tuition payments are paid on a weekly/biweekly basis, and no full payment discounts are available on SMARTS before-and-after-school programs.

There will be no fee reduction for temporary absences, including those caused by accident or illness of the student.

Tuition payments are not prorated and/or waived due to Prince George’s County Public Schools closures (i.e., inclement weather, winter break, spring break).

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SMARTS Summer Camp Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Before Care Hours

6:30 AM - 9:00 AM

All students reporting for before care and camp must be checked in by 8:45 AM. Students participating in After Care MUST be picked up by 6:00 PM each day.

There is a $30 babysitting fee per child for every 15-minute interval and/or $2 per minute after 6:00 PM. This must be presented upon picking your child up.

If the child is picked up late three (3) times, the child will be released from the program for the remainder of the summer camp.

Homework Policy

Homework time is scheduled during the after-school program, together with other activities. During this time, staff members will be there to assist and help answer homework questions.

The homework area is kept silent to help the student’s concentration. We do not guarantee that all homework will be completed or answered correctly. Parents should review the child’s homework at home.

Field Trips

Please note that field trip expenses are not inclusive of the weekly tuition fee. Field trip fees are additional. Locations will be determined in May, based on the availability and COVID-19 safety policy and procedures of venues.

Kidz Day Out

Kidz Day Out activities are held on days when Prince George’s County Schools are closed for non-federal holidays and/or early dismissal. The drop-in fee for students currently enrolled in SMARTS before-and-after care is $30.

This fee includes before-and-after care services and a morning/afternoon snack. Field trip expenses are not included in the drop-in fee and require an additional fee.

Kidz Day Out's operation hours are 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Please pay a babysitting fee of $2 per minute for students not picked up by 6:00 PM.

SMARTS Summer Camp

Our Camp

Students Motivated through the Arts (SMARTS) Summer Camp is on a mission to provide at-risk youth with a safe, stimulating, and nurturing place to grow academically, emotionally, and creatively.

Camp Features

  • STEM Projects
  • Kool Math
  • Ballet/Hip-Hop/Jazz
  • Musical Theater
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Tuition Fees

There is a minimum of four consecutive weeks’ commitment to SMARTS Summer Camp. Tuition fees are due the Friday before the commencement of class on Monday. Tuition payments can be paid on a weekly/biweekly basis.

There are no full payment discounts available at SMARTS Summer Camp. There is no reduction in fees for temporary absences, including those caused by accident or illness of the student.

Dance Class Attire

To be permitted to attend dance classes, students must wear the appropriate attire. Students must report to camp fully dressed in their dance attire which can be worn under regular clothing.

The attire for girls consists of black leotards, ballet flesh-tone tights, pink leather ballet slippers, black tap shoes, and black jazz sneakers. The attire for boys consists of black shorts with black t-shirts, black tennis shoes, black tap shoes, and black socks.

All items may be purchased at DanceMakers, Inc.

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Summer Camp COVID-19 Safety Plan

Daily Staff and Camper Prescreening

  • Staff and campers will undergo daily temperature checks and hand sanitation upon checking into summer camp
  • Mask-wearing is required throughout the day
  • Masks will only be removed during lunch, snack times, and outdoor activities
  • Staff will wipe down communal activity areas and equipment
  • Sanitizing, cleaning supplies, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers will be available in camp spaces


Kindly provide a morning breakfast snack that does not require cooking or heating. This could be cold cereals, breakfast bars, fruits, or food already prepared and warmed.

Parents should also prepare a bag lunch every day unless otherwise noted. Lunches should be stored in identifiable lunch bags with the child’s name. Please be advised that students will not have access to refrigeration or microwave.

Students will be given afternoon snacks by SMARTS. Please note that SMARTS does not serve snacks with nuts. Provide your children with plenty of water each day.

Six Flags

All students are required to purchase a Six Flags season pass. The cost of the season pass is not included in the weekly tuition fee or field trip fee. SMARTS students will attend Six Flags every Friday during summer camp.

SMARTS students will alternate their Friday activities at Six Flags between the water park only and ride only. The specified activity will be noted on the field trip schedule.

SMARTS Costumes

Summer camp students will present a theatrical production in full costume. Costumes must follow our summer camp theme. Said costumes will not be ordered for your children if a deposit is not received.

Students will receive a costume for their jazz, hip-hop, and tap routines. Costume fees for all students are $225. Please note all costume deposits and fees are non-refundable and/or non-transferable.

Let's Go to Summer Camp Together

Sign up your children for high-quality programs for PreK through the 8th grade. Usher them into academic, educational enrichment, and recreational activities early on.